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We provide the best and latest in dental technology and strive to utilize the newest technology to service patients. We provide gentle, family-oriented dental care to the adults and children of this community. We utilize the best equipment sterilization techniques available to dentists. Our team emphasizes comprehensive quality care and preventive dentistry.
 WE  are,multi-specialty practice. Our expertise is in high quality, comprehensive, restorative, and preventative dentistry for adults and children alike. We offer a full range of the latest treatments, including General Dentistry, Endodontic, Periodontic, , Oral Surgery, and Implant services. Our office is multi cultural, with staff fluent in several languages. Our aim is to maintain healthy teeth for life in a calm, relaxed atmosphere where the needs and well-being of our patients are our highest priority. 
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Root Canal
ROOT CANAL WORK endo xceramic crown
Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy)The term endodontic is a combination of the Greek words endo, which means "inside" and odont, which means "tooth." Endodontic treatment involves treating the inside of the tooth and is also referred to as root canal therapy because it is focused on the root part of the tooth, specifically in the canal portion of the root where the nerve, blood vessels, and connective tissue of the tooth reside.Inside of a tooth, under the white enamel and a layer called the dentin, is soft tissue called the pulp. The pulp contains blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue and creates the surrounding hard tissue of the tooth during development.The pulp extends from the crown of the tooth to the tip of the roots where it connects to the tissues surrounding the root. The pulp is very important during a tooth's growth and development. However, once a tooth is fully mature, it can survive without the pulp because the tooth continues to be nourished by the tissue surrounding it..
Ceramic Onlays. Avery cosmetically appealing option to repair a back tooth that is missing a significant amount of tooth structure is a “ceramic” or porcelain onlay. These types of restorations are a strong restorative option and have a high esthetic appeal due to the strong resemblance to natural tooth due to the translucency of porcelain.
Implanted Supported Dentures
DENTURESMany patients end up due to an overall lack of dental health needing upper and lower dentures. One of the biggest complaints for these patients is movement or instability of the denture, especially the lower denture. New technology offers a solution to this problem. By placing several dental implants in the jaw and placing custom attachments in the existing denture, it is possible for a denture to snap into place providing a secure, sound restorative option for denture wearers.
DENTAL IMPLANT 1Implants  Dental implants are currently the most exciting and evolving field of dentistry. In the past, the loss of a tooth generally led to some sort of a prosthetic replacement, generally for a few teeth this could be a dental “bridge” and later following the loss of more teeth, a removable appliance (denture). With the latest advancements in dentistry, a dental implant has the ability to restore teeth to sound form and function as that of a natural tooth. Through the use of a surgical placement of a dental implant into the bone and later restoring that tooth with a custom fabricated crown, bridge or denture, patients are able to have a fixed restorative option that is highly effective.
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